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Clap Your Hands / Apache

Kill the line and start the thunder
Let me introduce this songs' the base boy wonder
At last, the last speaker is back
Laying it down with this funky track
Am cold and bolder, yeah
Am feeling so many rhymes
Making other rappers pee their pants
Getting better every minute everyday
But if you end rhymes
What the hell can you say
It rhymes every time and the b***ch paralyzing
The data sync
Yo, you realize it

Clap, clap your hands now (7x)

I'll take that brace now
Stepped to the stage
Became a mic gangster
D**m, why am I so funky
Don't use the right, been a bit drunkie
??? kama sutra
You got the energy, I've got the mon sutra
Go to the celeb,
It's funny, all the girls want to suck my tummy
Don't forget that when I'm in town
Step to the mic, it's time to get down