Видеосессия альбома RKTVS. Часть 1

Эта часть фотосессии пошла в журнал Stern. Помните? В галерее фотографии есть.

Кроме самого видео ценно то, что мы в нем слышим отрывок новой песни.

Вот как ее охарактеризовали на BBC:
Since recording this track, Williams has admitted to being a huge fan of Big Brother, but that doesn't stop him taking a pop at "today's fame epidemic" through the medium of catchy mid-paced pop, underpinned by a gently throbbing bassline.

In the chorus, both the arrangement and Williams' vocal come over all George Michael - in a good way. The song, which is reminiscent of Rudebox's standout track Lovelight, could well be a single.

Key lyric: "Ready steady go, everybody famous, everyone you know, why'd it take you ages?"

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