Гарри Наттэл вместе с Робби

Вчера Гарри написал короткое сообщение на своем MySpace.

hello ladies and germs.
it's only me here!
sorry i haven't been in touch for a while but you know how it is with all the washing and cleaning and hoovering. the house is spotless!
hope everyone is fine.
it's been great getting back to work with rob. the rehearsals were great fun and i think the band is sounding fab. looking forward to the forthcoming promo stuff.
lot's of love
gaz and his nuttall's

"...как здорово возвращаться к работе с Робби. На репетициях было очень весело и я думаю, что команда звучит превосходно. С нетерпением жду начала промо-кампании..."